img_1397On November 7th, ArtReach attended (Mus)interpreted – the incredible showcase of The Truth or Dare Project, and curated by Zahra Agjee and Leila Fatemi. The show was a multimedia exhibition featuring the inspiring work of female Muslim artists from across the GTA.  The show was summarized by a description on the wall that read:

(Mus)interpreted is a group exhibition showcasing the works of emerging and established Muslim women artists in the GTA.  Using a variety of different mediums, the artists document and reflect on their lived realities, interrogating the motions and spaces in which Muslim women are defined and redefined.  The exhibition, representing a spectrum of identities and realities, provides alternative perspectives through a collective envisioning of individual and communal narratives.  It is an expression of hope for a self-determined, inclusive future.

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2016 Grantee Profile: Pilot Light

Pilot Light is a project that combats real life problems with real life solutions. Pilot Light founders Sasha and Maame were both in film school and highly passionate about issues facing themselves and their communities. They explain, “we were both in a film program, but in different years, and it just so happened that one of the instructors thought we would be perfect to work together. It took off amazingly. We had a blooming relationship immediately.” Continue reading

2016 Grantee Profile: Limitless Designs

IMG_8082.jpegSaranka was just 15 when she first got the idea for Limitless Designs, “I was sitting in English class and just thinking, ‘I should start a club’. I wanted to be more involved in the school, so I thought, why not a henna and nails club? I asked around, to see if anyone would want to help, and everyone was on board! We found a staff advisor and started a club.” Continue reading

2016 Grantee Profile: BiaSHEara






  1. Business, trade, commerce

BiaSHEara was birthed from a need: a need for fruitful employment for East African women living in Toronto. Karimah, the BiaSHEara founder, and an East African woman and artist, found herself facing multiple barriers when seeking a job in the workforce (racism, sexism, islamaphobia). Continue reading