Community Animator Volunteer

Position: Community Animator
Reporting To: Director
Position Type: Volunteer
FTE Status: Up to 5 hours/ week
Compensation: N/A

ArtReach’s mission is to ensure that youth, particularly those who come from marginalized communities or face barriers to accessing resources, funding or information to help support their community project goals are connected to us.

The ArtReach Community Animator role helps to ensure the following:

  • Youth, ages 13-29, particularly those coming from racialized and/or marginalized communities are aware of all of the resources, funding opportunities, information, training and networking opportunities ArtReach has to offer.
  • That youth accessing ArtReach are supported in navigating the website, any resources they access and are provided answers to any follow up questions they may have.

As a Community Animator you may sign up to support ArtReach for the following activities:

  1. Tabling for ArtReach at partner or community events
  2. Hosting ArtReach information sessions in community spaces
  3. Supporting ArtReach’s social media efforts to spread the news about opportunities for youth offered through ArtReach or its partners
  4. Creating new visuals and digital media materials for outreach (ie. videos, flyers, etc)

To volunteer with us as a Community Animator fill out the contact form on our website here and state exactly which activities above you are specifically volunteering for. An ArtReach staff member will follow up with to arrange an in person meet and provide training.

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